Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is good for those with some experience and no injuries.  Vinyasa means “to place with special awareness, with the breath.” Flow suggests movement that is continuous, smooth and unbroken. Vinyasa Flow is a form of modern hatha yoga that draws from the Ashtanga tradition of Patthabi Jois. Class pace, style and intensity vary, emphasis is placed on harmonising the movements of the body and breath in creative sequences. OyoGOs Vinyasa classes vary in level from teacher to teacher, some classes include music to flow to.

Pre-natal and post natal yoga

Pregnancy yoga is suitable for both beginning students and experienced practitioners. During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empowering the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. Yoga can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. Yoga also offers you the opportunity to connect with your baby, and coming to classes is a great way to feel part of a community of pregnant women.


Rocket yoga

A modification of the traditional ashtanga yoga primary and intermediate series. This fast-paced class breaks all traditions with a perfect combination of tempo and sequencing. Expect to sweat with experienced inversions and arm balances and improve your flexibility and stamina. Unsuitable for beginners and pregnant women.


Yin yoga

Yin yoga works on the yin tissues - also known as the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load which is why we hold the poses for longer. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making it a little longer and stronger - which is exactly what you want. Remember, the principle of exercise is to stress the tissue so the body will respond by strengthening it.

Restorative & Nidra session

Where slowness is the key and poses are held using props to allow the precious time for the practitioner to savour the body opening, releasing and letting go. A highly calming and soothing yoga for the mind and body tapping into the layers within us that need this space to unwind and pause. 

Yoga Nida will follow As you lie down all you have to do is follow the voice that is guiding you. It's likely that you will remember certain parts of the meditation and not others. Every time you come to the practice you encounter a new experience—none of which is wrong. Falling asleep is okay too, as you will still receive benefits while the unconscious mind is absorbing the practice. 

Animal movement


Animal movement is a challenging class that improves strength, flexibility and balance by drawing on the basics of animal motion. Incorporating crawls, hops, jumps, lunges, squats, and balances. Animal movement will connect you to your body in an entirely unique way to any other class. Unsuitable for pregnant women.

hatha Yoga

Dynamic Hatha class are classical flow classes drawing on either the Sivananda, Satyanda, or Ishta traditions.  They include some flow, in the form of sun salutations, genearlly do not have music, and are taught in a more classical/traditional way.  Some classes are suitable for beginners.


Yoga Fusion

Christmas wouldnt of been Christmas without a bit of festive fun. Lulu Lemon ambassador Mariel Wittmond took us through 'eggnog & downward dogs' in our Battersea Park Pop-up


Meditation is a core practice of yoga that is available to everyone. You don’t have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to reap the benefits of this profound and time-tested practice.

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