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We are a female founded high-octane sports & well-being agency working with luxury & boutique hotels, resorts and spas to design exceptional fitness, well-being and sport services and events. We help our clients become leaders in the hospitality well-being sector. Our skills lie in connecting the dots - pairing expert fitness, well-being and sports professionals and wellness brands with our hotel and resort clients.

What we believe

Connection is the key

Community and connection is at the heart of all that we do

Creative thinkers

We are creative thinkers, we love to problem solve well-being solutions

It should be fun

We believe it should be fun and enjoyable

Movement is life

Movement is at the centre of everything we strive for
- movement really is medicine

Progression culture

Applying passion and progression into all that we do. We don't follow, we lead

A 360 approach

We don't believe in 'work-life balance'. However we do believe in balance, knowing when to rest and reset and knowing when to go big. 

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