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Our clients lead the way in hotel and resort fitness, sport or well-being.

Our approach rethinks the way the hotel industry offers fitness and wellness activities, we help our clients showcase their individual strengths and help them curate of programme that aligns with their setting, space and ethos. ​

Our community

Access to high calibre trainers and experts, levelling-up your well-being, sport and fitness offering through a program of exceptional classes, programmes and events.

Knowledge + expertise

We pack a punch when it comes to Understanding the well-being and fitness industry, giving our clients access to invaluable knowledge, skills and expertise.

The network effect

A network of sports and wellness brands at your disposal to elevate your offering in areas like equipment, sport technology, nutrition and wearables.

Exceptional delivery

‘To perform beyond expectations’. We believe the devil is in the detail - exceptional delivery on every activation and client project we run.

Future thinking

We are here to change the landscape of holidaying and we want to take our clients with us.


Carefully curated well-being marketing strategies, social media and content creation pushed out through our network of trainers and brand partners. this is how you stand out from the crowd.

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